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Exports to Europe made easy with Euro pallets

For high quality Euro size pallets, you can count on J.C.S Pallets.

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There are a number of specifications and grades available in the Euro size ranging from light to heavy weight capacity unstamped and heavy duty capacity stamped Euro in all grades right up to once used nearly new pallets. We can also supply ISPM15 heat treated Euro pallets in all grades. We can supply all these specifications and grades as they a readily available from stock.

Specifications and grades available

The standard European pallet for transporting and warehousing many types of goods are the stamped and unstamped Euro pallets of sizes 1200mm to 800mm. They can be used with all standard handling equipment and have entry on all four sides.


If you're in Manchester or the North West, you can count on J.C.S Pallets for Euro pallets to suit your requirements. Get in touch with a member of our team for more information. We also provide pallet collection and quality control services.

Stamped grade A

Stamped grade B